Android 12 Beta 3 | Upcoming Changes and New Features

Android 12 Beta 3 release is coming closer and here’s what can we expect from upcoming android 12 beta build. Android 12 will be the 12th major release and the 19th version of Android, the mobile operating system developed by Google’s Open Handset Alliance.

android 12 beta 3

The first Beta was released on May 18, 2021, followed by the second Beta on June 9, 2021. You can try out Beta 2 in Pixel Device and some other specific devices. You can check supported devices here. Because the beta builds are provided on a monthly basis, the next Android 12 Beta 3 build will be released this month.

So, let’s talk about the new features and changes that we can expect from upcoming beta 3 of android 12.

1. New Lock screens in Android 12 Beta 3

Let’s start with the lock screen. In beta 2, we had a Google Pay shortcut with a slightly different icon than the one presented in the event. However, priority conversation’s profile pictures on the always-on display, and a handful of new lock screen clocks are still missing, so hopefully we’ll see them in Android 12 Beta 3.

android 12  lock screen
New lock screen clocks
android 12 beta 3
Priority Conversations Profile Pictures on Always On Display

2. System Wide Changes

Google demonstrated a revamped navigation bar for certain apps; including phone, gmail, and the clock, with outlined icons, adaptive theming, and a pull-shaped fill color for the active tab. The files app on Android 12 beta 2 now follows the same design language. Therefore I expect to see it in more apps in the future.

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The volume slider from the event is now included in the second beta and looks exactly the same, but we don’t yet have the animated multimedia seek bar. Google also showed the ability to share items with others by dragging and dropping them into a small share sheet. I’m looking forward to see how the drag and drop capability is going to implement in Android 12. New time pickers, sliders, and toggles are also expected in future builds, as well as a revamped Google Assistant UI with a solid background and a small handle at the top.

android 12 beta 3 navigation bar
New Redesigned navigation bar for apps that supports adaptive theming

The new animated seek bar for media playback

android 12
New time picker, slider & toggles
android 12 google assistant
New Google Assistant design with solid background

3. Styles and Wallpaper Redesign in Android 12 Beta 3

This is one of the things that Android 12 will completely redesign; as you can see, it now has larger thumbnails for the categories, new wallpaper categories, and a full-screen design. The set wallpaper on the overlay menu looks a lot better, and the app will give you plenty of color palettes to pick from based on your wallpaper colors.

The preview page is also different, and it shows on full screen instead of a small preview like we now have. I’m looking forward to the new styles and the wallpapers app, which will include all of the additional customization options. Google also presented three new icon shapes, a floral wallpaper category, and outlined app icons that match your device theme rather than the standard colored ones.

A totally new styles & wallpapers app

android 12
New outlined icons for apps that support adaptive theming

4. Notification Shade

I don’t expect much to change in beta 3 because beta 2 gave us practically everything Google demonstrated at the event. Starting with the build-shaped form of the tiles, the more compact media controls, the new power button in the quick settings area, and four new tiles, one for smart home devices, one for Google Pay, and two more for camera and mic access, there’s a lot to like.

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The Google Pay tiles and home devices are slightly different from what we saw in beta 2. Plus, if the camera or microphone are disable, two indicators should appear in the upper right corner, thus those two adjustments could come in Android 12 Beta 3.

android 12 beta 3 notification shade
More changes in the notifications shade

5. New Widgets in Android 12 Beta 3

Now, let’s talk about the widgets; Android 12 is expected to include a slew of new ones that we have yet to see. Such is the new photographs widget, which can be linked to specific individuals or pets, three new shopping widgets for store location, shopping list, and loyalty card, and an animated music widget. We can also expect six new clock designs, three new weather designs, as well as keep notes, calendar, and Google Fit. For the time being, certain people got access to a new Google Photos widget that displays your memories, but it is not currently available to everyone. However, when combined with what we saw at the event, I’m more sure that we’ll see these new widgets soon, hopefully in Android 12 Beta 3.

google photos widget
Google photos widgets which can be linked to people & pets
android 12 beta 3 shopping widgets
3 New Shopping widgets
android 12 clock widgets
6 New clock widgets
android 12 beta 3 animated widgets
New animated music widget
android 12 weather widgets
3 new weather widgets
android 12 beta 3
Redesigned widgets for keep notes, calendar & Google fit

6. Gcam Improvement in Android 12 Beta 3

When I first saw these toggles at the top, I had no idea what the folder icon meant. But it turned out to be the locked folder icon following the recent feature update for Pixel smartphones. The remaining of the toggles on the left are still missing; they’re self-explanatory, but it appears that Google is planning to replace the drop-down arrow in the center with these new toggles. So let’s add this to the list of Android 12 Beta 3 expectations. In addition to improved camera algorithms that function better with people of color skin, curly hair, and portrait shots.

android 12 gcam new toggle
Gcam new toggles

Gcam Algorithm Improvement

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7. Settings UI Changes in Android 12 Beta 3

Finally, let’s discuss the settings. We got the updated camera and mic indicators, as well as the privacy dashboard, as presented at the event. However, the new settings page design is still missing. Hopefully we’ll get to see it in the next build. 

android 12 redesigned settings
Redesigned settings


So there you have it, my list of Android 12 beta 3 expectations. Based on prior events, I’m certain that we’ll see a significant amount of these changes in the next build.


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